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Excellent service starts here.

Dennis Houlihan
Retired President, Chairman & CEO Roland Corporation U.S.
Former Chairman of NAMM

"Dan Kent is one of the most energetic, dynamic, hard-working sales professionals I have ever met or had the privilege of working with.  When Dan gets excited about a product, he's intent on getting everyone excited along with him.  He knows his stuff and has excellent product knowledge.  Combine this with an indefatigable work ethic, Dan "delivers" 24/7.  He builds strong relationships with his accounts and develops an "old school" level of trust and confidence with each of them.  By far, Dan Kent is one of the very best in the entire music products industry.  He's a delight to work with and someone who always delivers the needed results on a consistent basis."

Jason Crane
District Manager - Guitar Center, Inc.

"I met Danny Kent a day or two after beginning my career with Guitar Center in 1992. He was the first person calling on Guitar Center to pull me aside and train me on the products and services he was representing at the time.  His energy, passion and enthusiasm for musical instruments and the music business is second to none." 

Ben Kraft
President - Kraft Music, Ltd.

"We've been fortunate to have Danny serve our business for more than 25 years.  I met Dan when I was just a teenager, while he represented product that my dad was selling at the time.  Fast forward several years and Dan is now working with me and the current Kraft Music team, giving us the same attention we've come to expect from him; he has always been one of our top partners.  There is never a dull moment when Dan's in the building…I'm grateful for the energy he brings to our business, and for the friendship we've had for all of these years."

Susan W. Lipp
Chairman - Full Compass Systems, Ltd.

"Danny Kent has been one of the most important manufacturer's representatives that Full Compass has dealt with for many years.  Our product team, purchasing team and sales team all truly  respect and depend on him to give them the most instant service.  He always calls back quickly and makes them feel as though they are his only customer.  He has always been on our A list of reps.  Danny is always up and makes you feel wonderful, just being around him."

Brian Douglas
GM | Co-Owner - Cream City Music

"I've had the pleasure of working with Danny for over two decades. His wealth of knowledge and experience has been an incredible asset in helping Cream City Music to best position ourselves with the right mix of brands and products in his vendor portfolio. In addition, his high touch approach to growing our business is unparalleled in the modern MI landscape. I consider him a valued resource in every way." 

Chris Stone
District Manager - Guitar Center, Inc.

"Danny Kent introduced me to not only products, but to the culture of sales. I learned from Danny the importance of enthusiasm when interacting with customers. Through the ten years that I have worked with him, he has always made himself available. His authenticity builds an instant rapport with everyone he meets. Whenever I speak with Danny I am instantly in a better mood because of his electrifying personality." 

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.”

- Elton John

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